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Manager 2012™
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Task Manager 2012 Team Task Management Software   Designed for Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® 2000

Task Management Software

 NewLosing track of tasks, projects or work? ... use Orbisoft's latest, award-winning, Task Manager 2012™ team task management software to easily manage and track all tasks, projects and jobs you or your team are working on. Task Manager 2012 helps you to not forget, giving you an instant snapshot of work you or your team have outstanding:

• Windows 7/8 
• Vista
• XP/2000
• 98/Me

This is the easiest and most comprehensive
task manager I have seen!


John Hieb
Fios Inc
Portland, OR

“Great product...”
David Phan
Washington Mutual Inc

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Task Manager 2012 Team Task Management Software - Report

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... and Task Manager 2012 is designed to be flexible enough to fit in with the way you work while providing you with the proven built-in features to make your task, job, or project tracking simple. 
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Use Task Manager 2012™ easily to:

  • Get an instant list of all tasks, jobs or projects
  • Improve office efficiency and guard against missed deadlines
  • Balance team and personal workloads
  • Forecast work bottlenecks and quiet-times
  • Get an 'instant snapshot' of individual/overall task progress
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automatic suggested deadline dates
  • Improve office productivity and profitability with automatic task time budgeting
  • Reduce staff/team management time
  • Estimate external job fees where appropriate
  • Boost management effectiveness
  • Monitor work-trends and statistics
  • And much more!

Once you start using Orbisoft's Task Manager 2012 you'll wonder how you or your team managed without it!


Task Manager 2012™ is packed full of features designed to help you get organized and stay organized. Whether you use it in a team/network environment or personally, Task Manager 2012 provides you with a fast database environment, built-in task reports, templates and fields, and the ability to add and customize all of these according to your specific needs.

Our easy-to-use graphical user interface allows you to enter an unlimited number of tasks, jobs, projects, and notes. Included are

  • Optional built-in task/job/project database fields
  • User-definable data fields including OLE fields (insert Excel®, Word® documents, sound and video clips, and more)
  • Quick, easy data entry with automatic field defaults, speed entry templates and AutoCorrect®
  • Optional task, project and job time budgeting
  • Optional progress monitoring with indicators showing total time outstanding to complete all current tasks
  • Recurring tasks, jobs and projects
  • Optional control programmability with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications®
  • Built-in task functions and business date calculations
  • Automatic data backup
  • Automatic task scheduling
  • Minimal data entry and time-saving data maintenance tools
  • Optional user and group security
  • Optional task synchronization with Microsoft Outlook®
  • Task Calendar/Gantt charting
  • Minimization to system tray
  • Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98 standalone or network multi-user use
  • Built-in contextual help, online tutorial and user manual
  • Free online support options
  • Easy and quick installation and use
  • And much more!


Task Manager 2012™ easily reports with:



  • "Task Manager [2012] is a great product."
    Marshall Bowden
    I/T Specialist, IBM Global Services
  • "Great Product...", "Once again, your product is the best I've seen so far.  Its very user friendly and the aesthetics is awesome."
    David Phan
    Washington Mutual, Inc
  • "I love your product. I am trying to make this work seamless to allow a large multi license purchase."

    John Schinter
    Exelon Thermal Technologies
    Chicago, IL
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Try-Before-You-Buy with the downloadable Task Manager 2012™ FREE 45-day trial!

Task Manager 2012 team task/project management software can be used personally or in a team/network environment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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