About Us

Since 1998, Orbisoft has been helping a wide range of organizations simplify task, job and project management by providing easy-to-use yet powerful and flexible software solutions.


Workflow Plus - Workflow Manager was first released in 1997. As a much needed tool to help organizations keep track of hundreds or thousands of jobs, Workflow Plus also helped increase an organization's profitability by automatically setting employee time budgets for tasks and jobs.

Especially popular with professionals such as CPA's and lawyers, Workflow Plus also offered many other productivity increasing features for task and job management. Such features were designed to adhere to a deliberate software design goal to keep user data-entry and data-maintenance time to a minimum.

Task Manager 2000 was released in 1999. In response to an increasingly broadening user-base from professionals to generic users in just about any industry and organization, Task Manager 2000 incorporated new flexibility and power features making it a more valuable yet simple to use tool for any work environment. Task Manager 2000 has not only received top software awards but also critical acclaim by users themselves.

Task Manager 2003 was first released in late 2002. Task Manager 2003 incorporated many new and exciting software enhancements and features both as a response to usability research as well as from a commitment by Orbisoft to provide organizations with the tools necessary to make task and job management that much easier.

Newer versions of Task Manager have been released as follows:

Task Manager 2007
Task Manager 2010
Task Manager 2012
Task Manager 20|20

While Orbisoft's primary user base is in North America, our products are also popular in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe. The Internet now also allows people worldwide to quickly experience Orbisoft software products via free trial download.

Orbisoft Limited is a privately held company.

While product sales are handled by various US channel providers and resellers, and online directly via www.orbisoft.com/purchase, Orbisoft's international head office location is:

Orbisoft Software
International Head Office Sales
106 Roberts Road
Auckland 0610
New Zealand
Tel +642 179 4423
Fax +649 836 3872

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