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Download the Task Manager 20|20™ Free Trial*

Task Management Software by Orbisoft Thank you for choosing to download the Task Manager 20|20™ Free Trial!

* The trial version has all of the features that the full version has. You may use it FREE for up to a maximum of 45 days. During that time you may choose to register it and keep all of your existing data. Scroll down to get the download.


Use Task Manager 20|20 easily to:
  • Get an instant list of all tasks, jobs or projects
  • improve office efficiency and guard against missed deadlines
  • balance personal and team workloads
  • forecast work bottlenecks and quiet times
  • get an 'instant snapshot' of individual and overall task progress
  • improve customer satisfaction with automatic suggested deadline dates
  • improve office productivity and profitability with automatic task time budgeting
  • reduce staff/team management time
  • boost management effectiveness
  • monitor task work trends and statistics
  • and much more!

User Manual

Task Manager 20|20 User Manual

Be sure to download the free, Task Manager 20|20 User Manual.

Reviewers Guide

Task Manager 20|20 Reviewers Guide

Take a quick walk-through of Task Manager 20|20 features and functionality with the downloadable Task Manager 20|20 Reviewers Guide.

New features for Upgraders

Task Manager 20|20 has many new features, including:
  • Instant lists of all tasks, jobs or projects
  • automatic email reminders
  • new user and group security with program, field, task-view, and table permissions
  • calculation-based user-defined fields
  • top menu-bar navigation
  • OLE Object field types, e.g. insert sound, graphics, Excel®/Word® documents into fields
  • new properties for user fields including height, width, tab position and more
  • customizable task-lookup drop-down list
  • date pickers
  • business dates
  • auto scheduling (suggests earliest allocation for new tasks/jobs)
  • task calendar views
  • full-screen field Zoom
  • resizable Task Forms
  • synchronization with Microsoft Outlook® tasks
  • improved backup allows backing up while database still in use
  • new Wise©/Sagekey© installer for smoother installation
  • expression builder for advanced functions
  • and more...

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