Task Manager User Testimonials

Ziff-Davis 5-Star Editors Pick Award
5-Star Editors Pick

Tucows Organizers Award
*Tucows Organizers
5/5 Gold Rating

HR-Guide Award
4/4 Rating

  • "My boss loves the app"
    Taylor Suchan
    IT Support
    Carstens Yee and Cahoon LLP
    Dallas, TX
  • "I love this product"
    Dave Hooper
    IT manager
    New York, NY
  • "Hey love your product"
    Steve Howell
    Web Marketing Technology Manager
    International Lifestyles/ SuperClubs 
    Hollywood, FL 
  • "I love your product. I am trying to make this work seamless to allow a large multi license purchase."

    John Schinter
    Exelon Thermal Technologies
    Chicago, IL
  • "congratulations on creating such a unique and useful product"
    Carl Johnson
    Secure Records
    Fargo, ND
  • "So far I love the program"
    Marilyn Tamblyn
    Abbotsford, BC
  • "I love your Task Manager [20|20] software! Just downloaded the trial version - WOW!"
    Jen Davis
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • "I love the flexibility."
    Lisa Simpkims
    Technical Writer/QA Analyst 
    Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
    Dallas, TX
  • "Task Manager [20|20] is a great product."
    Marshall Bowden
    I/T Specialist, IBM Global Services
  • "Great Product...", "Once again, your product is the best I've seen so far.  Its very user friendly and the aesthetics is awesome."
    David Phan
    Washington Mutual, Inc
  • "excellent,now that's what I call service, all seems pretty clear so far, I like the program, but I may get in touch if there is any concerns, thanks again"
    Gary Rushton
  • "...the "Quick" toolbars in the menu bar are a perfect revision to an excellent product."
    Schinter, John (US)
    Director of Operations
    Exelon Thermal Technologies
    Chicago, IL
  • "Thank you for your excellent response to my needs." 
    David A. Copestakes
    DC Audio Video Services, Inc
    Portsmouth, NH
  • "The program is easy to use and your support has been excellent."
    John Hieb
    Manager, Migration Services
    Fios Inc
    Portland, OR
  • "I just love the personal attention I get from you!"
    Lynn Benson
    Edward H. Gilbert, P.A.
    Boca Raton, FL
  • "you guys did a great job on the help..."
    Winston Foley
    IT Manager 
    National Wildlife Federation
    Reston, VA
  • "lot of great features"
    Isabel Rodriguez
    IDT (Metric Systems) Integrated Defense
    Fort Walton Beach, FL 
  • "It's a fine piece of software..."
    Daniel Verheyen
    Brussels, Belgium 
  • "The new features are great!"

    Norm Prevett
    Jenica Corporation
    Nashua, NH 

  • "I especially like the reporting features - perfect."
    Carol Aton
  • "Your customer support is outstanding!!"
    Larry Franks
    Peterborough Utility Services
    ON, Canada
  • "[I am] impressed"
    Richmond Rice
  • "[I'll be] recommending your product to others and letting them know my positive impressions of it."
    Lois Scheidt
  • "Now this is impressive....I have many questions and, as with most "free trials", assumed there was no recourse but hard to find/understand help manuals. What a refreshing approach!"
    [Regarding personal customer care support assignment]
    Michael Smith
  • "... technical support from Orbisoft has been outstanding"

    Dave Hooper
    IT manager
    New York, NY
  • "Fine product"
    Captain Chow
    Canadian Department of Defence (DOD)
    Otawa, ON
  • "This is the easiest and most comprehensive task manager I have seen!"
    John Hieb
    Manager, Migration Services
    Fios Inc
    Portland, OR
  • "I am very impressed with the program" 
    Gary Osborn
    Senior Quality Engineer
    Dormont Manufacturing Co.
    Export, PA
  • "Our compliments on the software. It is extremely powerful. We are using it to track governmental environmental requirements for the power plant, such as monthly reports. As you can imagine, being in California these are quite extensive. This will give our boss a good management tool and a way to keep from missing something. Thanks!"
    Sheila Henika
    Encina Power Station
    Carlsbad CA

  • "Finally, a task/project manager that's flexible, powerful, and easy to use!"
    Gerald Silberman
    Assistant Vice President, Finance
    Kutztown University,
    Kutztown, PA

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